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When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, doing just a little bit is better than doing nothing at all. if you want to go on a walk but don't have time for your usual
hour-long walk, take a short walk around the block. A 5-minute walk is better than no walk at all.

Nutrition, fitness and patient education are all important aspects of holistic health and important for preventive and chronic care. That is why I make sure to incorporate all of these withing my practice

My Name is Dr. Osama Ansari, Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and I would firstly like to Welcome you to West Orlando Internal Medicine. I practice here after having graduated with the highest honors from the American University of Antigua and completing my Internal Medicine residency at Methordist Dallsh Medical Center in 2014

Shakir Ansari

Dr. Osama Ansari

Board Certified, MD

IV Therapy Menu

  1. Skin Rejuvenation
    Skin Rejuvenation

    Revive the skin to give it a more youthful glow; combat allergens; nourish the body


    distributes oxygen and nutrients to the surface of skin, so enhancing the skin's protective barrier

    IV Spa
    IV Spa

    Can boost skin complexion, smoothness, and purity

  2. IV Infusion for Hangover Relief
    IV Infusion for Hangover Relief

    In minutes, an IV may alleviate and treat a hangover


    IV treatment allows vitamins and minerals to be digested rapidly and directly into your circulation.

  3. IV Infusion for Convention Preparation
    IV Infusion for All day meetings

    This IV drip aids in increasing your energy and enhance your concentration, preparing you to tackle the rigors of all-day important meetings.

    Myers Plus IV Infusion
    Myers IV Infusion

    This IV combination of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C has been shown to help with acute asthma episodes, headaches, and exhaustion.

    IV Infusion for Students
    IV Infusion for Students

    IV vitamin bar was carefully developed to help you get through lengthy hours of studying and classroom time by promoting cognitive focus, boosting cognitive performance, and reducing stress.

    Theme Park Recovery
    Theme Park Recovery

    Theme Park Recovery IV dehydrated therapy provides total hydration with 2 liters of fluid, alleviate soreness, and produces energy for the long day ahead.

  4. Athletic performance IV Infusion
    Athletic performance IV Infusion

    Accelerate healing and recovery time. As well as boosting in protein absorption. Amino acids have been proven to boost concentration and physical endurance while also boosting muscle repair and development.

    Skinny Boost IV Treatment
    Skinny Boost IV Treatment

    This aids in rapid fat burning. Glutathione is given to assist in the regulation of normal blood sugar levels, the reduction of bad cholesterol, and the enhancement of cellular metabolism.

  5. IV Infusion for High Dosage of Vitamin C
    IV Infusion for High Dosage of Vitamin C

    Appreciate the numerous health and well-being benefits of High Dose Vitamin C IV treatments.

    General Health
    IV Infusion Treatment for Jet Lag

    With our Jet Lag IV drip therapy, you may travel without stress.

    General Health
    Immunity Boost IV Infusion

    This IV treatment vitamin and mineral infusion will jumpstart your immune function. Naturally combat illnesses such as colds, virus, and foodborne illness.

  6. IV Infusion for Menstruation Ease
    IV Infusion for Menstruation Ease

    With our Menstrual Recovery IV Infusion, you may alleviate problems linked with your monthly period.

    Migraine Recovery
    Migraine Recovery

    Cure your agony of migraines with out migraine recovery IV infusion.

    PainKiller IV Treament
    PainKiller IV Treament

    Long lasting relief of pain because of our painkiller tv treament.

    NAD IV Treament
    NAD IV Treament

    Improve your mental abilities with our NAD IV treatments.

Regenerate with IV Drip

Our completely unique formulated vitamin infusions are formed by pharmacists to give
scientifically studied vitamin and mineral mixes with 100% bioavailability


Give your skin a youthful glow by reviving it with the power of vitamins A and C. Also, combat allergens from pollen spores to dust mites are now at an all time high so you can feel good about yourself knowing that this product will keep those bothersome pests away too!

Normal Pap smear
Abnormal Pap smear

Feel energized
when burning fat

IV Therapy, or intramuscular injections of vitamins and minerals have been used for many years as a means to fight disease. In recent times they've gained popularity in weight loss programs because not only do these therapies increase metabolism but also aid with the burning off of unwanted body fats which leaves you feeling more invigorated throughout your day!

Performance and Recuperation

With our regenerating and performance IV Therapy Infusion, you may flaunt a healthy glow. Reduce the time it takes for your body to heal by reenergizing cells with this nutrient-rich solution that replenishes electrolytes as well cell repair nutrients necessary at every step of rehabilitation from exercise discomfort!

Viginal Cancer
Abnormal Pap smear


The process of IV vitamin treatment is an efficient way to prepare for flu season or improve your immunity if you're feeling run down.


Alleviate Drip is the perfect solution for those who are suffering from PMS and headache symptoms. It infuses patients with one of our most sought after vitamins, Vitamin B12 which has been known to alleviate pain in these areas!

Viginal Cancer
Abnormal Pap smear

Inner Beauty

The skin-targeted IV drip incorporates a potent combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are required for healthy looking skin. Vitamin C helps the immune system fight off free radicals which can cause breakouts due to their antioxidant properties; while B1 prevents stress related acne by soothing overactive sebaceous glands in your face!

Myers Cocktail

Doctors recommend drinking Myers' cocktail to help combat the symptoms of vitamin deficiency. The drink is made up primarily with B vitamins, C and other ingredients such as magnesium chloride solution or calcium pantothenate which helps balance blood sugar levels for those who suffer from diabetes complications like nerve damage due it being low on energy stores!

Viginal Cancer
Abnormal Pap smear


NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is the wonder drug that helps your cells renew themselves. It does this by attaching itself to other molecules in our body and providing several benefits including lessened withdrawal effects during addiction therapy as well improved cognitive functioning!


This potent treatment is designed to eliminate nausea and vomiting while ensuring that you feel wonderful throughout the day. This blend includes high levels of vitamin B-complex, which may contribute towards your skin's heath as well as blood cells' healthy functions; it also helps convert nutrients into energy for us all! The minerals found within this particular formula can counteract dehydration by pulling out toxins from our bodies so we're able get back on track with living life fully every chance possible - even if just

Viginal Cancer
Abnormal Pap smear

The Benefits of IV Infusions

IV nutrient treatments offer a more efficient way of delivering nutrients and vitamins than oral prescriptions. We have pre-formulated bespoke solutions for many different problems, including:

  • Body's immune fortification
  • Metabolic enhancment
  • Anti-aging
  • The best possible recuperation and performance in sports
  • Complications of a cold or flu
  • Acute depletion
  • Alleviate hangovers and migraines
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